Concept Introduction

The first section of this course will focus on the Product Management interview.

As I mentioned in the introduction, I've interviewed hundreds of Product Manager candidates across 3 different scaling startups in 3 different industries. Through all of this experience, I've recognized key patterns in what works well for PM candidates and what doesn't.

Over the next few lessons, I'll prepare you for your Product Management interview, regardless of the size or the industry of the company you're interviewing with. You'll learn how to tell stories about what you've built, how to express your communication abilities, and what exactly it means to "study the product".

Additionally, we'll talk about a few things NOT to do.

These are behaviors and responses that stand out to me in PM interviews and often are automatic disqualifiers. In that section, we'll talk specifically about memorizing definitions, out-of-date case studies, and logic/math problems.

By the end of these next few lessons, I guarantee you'll feel more confident about your upcoming Product Management interviews and you'll have dramatically increased your odds of getting the job!

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