What Have You Built?

What Have You Built?

This is a simple question that can get asked in so many different ways.

It might be surprising that I’m recommending you take time to think about this question because you almost certainly have never been a Product Manager before if you're taking this course.

But, the best Product Managers I’ve ever hired were born builders.

They’ve built businesses in school, they’ve built teams around a shared purpose, they’ve built automation into their lives to simplify tasks, they’ve simply built. It’s in their DNA.

Take time, think about what you’ve built, and construct a story on why you decided to build and what you built.

  1. What did you build?
  2. Why did you decide to build that specific thing?
  3. What challenges did you encounter on the way?
  4. How did you overcome them?
  5. Who did you build with/Who was on your team?

You’ll be able to leverage this story for a wide variety of PM interview questions.

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