How Do You Think About Building and Prioritizing?

How Do You Think About Building and Prioritizing?

  1. In addition to the “what” you built and “why” you built, “how” do you build?
  2. What is the method that you evaluate what to do 1st, 2nd, 3rd?
  3. How do you decide what not to build?

Leverage your build story from the last lesson and go deeper. Draw from your past professional or educational experience if you need to.

What the interviewer is looking for here is that you have a logical approach to gathering feedback, mobilizing and communicating with stakeholders, building small, testing, iterating, releasing again, and collecting data.

  1. How do you build small and learn fast?
  2. How do you take feedback and use it to determine what to do next?
  3. What are all of the sources of feedback (Customer, Analytics, Market) that you use and how do you use them specifically?

None of these steps has to be perfect or follow an exact framework, rather, I simply want to see that when you build, you think, you observe, you react. And I want to see that you can communicate your thought process about building to me as the interviewer.

Make sure that you can convey this in your interview.

Practice by writing down answers to the above questions and talking through them out loud.

A pro tip is to record yourself talking about your build story. Play it back and see how you sound. Are there parts of the story that are confusing? Are there parts that are too long?

Tighten up your build story and your building methodology before your interview, it will pay off big time!

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